Find Out How to Utilize a Shoulder Exercise Pulley


If you are suffering from shoulder pain and tightness following an injury or surgery, utilizing a shoulder exercise pulley is an excellent way to find pain relief and increase mobility. Learn how to provide gentle relief and improve the range of motion to your shoulder here.

What is a Shoulder Exercise Pulley?

A shoulder exercise pulley is a simple cord with adjustable handles connected to a pulley system and an anchor to attach to any door easily. The anchor is wedged over the door and frame, allowing you to conveniently perform various shoulder pulley exercises in your home. Using a shoulder exercise pulley is a great way to increase your range of motion and strengthen your shoulder muscles, which is vital for regaining mobility after an injury or surgery and for keeping your shoulder limber, even when healthy. 

Using a Shoulder Exercise Pulley

For shoulder rehabilitation, you should perform shoulder pulley exercises twice per day. You can do three to four sets of ten reps for each exercise, and for each stretch, hold the final position for about ten seconds. Ease into each movement and only go as far as you are comfortable. If your motion is minimal, spend a few days focusing on one exercise before moving on to the next. If any movement dramatically worsens your pain, stop right away and consult your doctor. 


For the first shoulder pulley exercise, sit in a chair facing the door straight on, with the door anchor locked over the door. Then, holding the handles one in each hand, pull with the uninjured arm gently, stretching the injured arm up. Hold for ten seconds, then lower your arm.

The next exercise will be performed the same, except you will rotate your chair ninety degrees so that you and the chair are parallel to the door now.

For the following exercise, you can turn your chair, so your back faces the door. Then, pull with the uninjured arm, lifting the injured arm up right in front of you. Hold the position for ten seconds. 

The final exercise we will talk about today is done in a standing position, facing away from the door. Hold one handle with the uninjured arm in front of you and hold the other handle behind your back. Then gently pull with the uninjured arm lifting the injured arm up towards your head, and hold the position for ten seconds. 


Shoulder pain can seriously limit your ability to complete daily tasks. Performing gentle range of motion exercises with a shoulder exercise pulley can be a great way to help restore normal mobility and reduce pain following an injury or surgery. 

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