Over Door Shoulder Rehab Exercise Pulley
over door pulley for shoulder rehab
overdoor shoulder pulley

Over Door Shoulder Rehab Exercise Pulley

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Pulley for shoulder rehab is a handy tool designed to exercise and expand the scope of movement patients with body pain are able to do. This easy-to-use gadget accelerates the recovery process and keeps the muscles moving for the body. This over door pulley shoulder rehab is specially designed to keep the exercise indoor and hassle-free.

Minimal effort, easy to-utilize shoulder rehab pulley increments and keeps up the scope of movement in all planes of shoulder movement. Permits patients to expand the additions made in the center, and accelerate the recuperation procedure. This is our Basic, Economical Over Door Shoulder Pulley. Human Powered, doesn't utilize a force source to work


Arthritis patients often have trouble reaching over their heads with their arms. There may be inflammation and pain in the joints causing this. The overdoor shoulder pulley provides extra range of motion and stretches the muscles and tendons around the shoulder joint.


  • Designed to Increase flexibility Safely:

Shoulder rehab pulley is a great way to improve your shoulder range of motion and strength. Featuring a webbing strap and basic exercise guide, this over-door pulley is economical and easy to use. It's ideal for anyone looking to improve their shoulder health and fitness.

  • Shoulder Healing Therapy:

The over door pulley has gained popularity as a shoulder rehabilitation tool. This device facilitates the restoration of range of motion and strength in the shoulder joint. As well as preventing further injury, it helps in the recovery process.

  • Easy to Install:

Just place the pulley strap over the door and close it to set up this overdoor shoulder pulley system. Now you're ready to start your workout. Great for those who may not have access to a full gym and want an easy way to work out.