5 Surprising Tips For Lower Back Muscle Pain Relief

Understand Why Lower Back Pain Occurs

Lower back pain adds discomfort to an otherwise comfortable life and makes daily tasks difficult to achieve. Lower back pain can occur due to a variety of reasons such as an injury, incorrect posture or muscle strain. Your back contains bones, tendons and muscles and together all of them form a complicated lower back. The back provides support to the physical structure of the human body and acts as a shock absorber. However, when put under constant pressure or incorrect posture, the lower back often becomes stiff and begins to hurt. This pain can start from mild to aggressive in a matter of days based on the cause. Few of them have been discussed here.

- Sprains and Strains

A strain can be caused very easily. Even a loud sneeze or continuous cough can lead to strain on the lower back muscles and bones which then becomes the cause of lower back pain. You can even sprain your back muscles due to heavy lifting, exercise or lifting without proper posture and support. The injury can be caused that easily and lead to lower back and neck pain.

- Arthritis

As time passes, the bones sometimes wither. The spot for pain is the joints where the bones meet and move against each other. Although there’s lubrication in-between as time passes, the fluids decrease as well. This disease degenerates the joints and causes pain when the joints move. This disease normally affects people of old age and obesity further adds more strain to your bones causing them to break more easily.

- Fractures

Fractures are when the bones break. Now the severity of fracture may vary but when the bones break they cause severe pain and sometimes lead to immobility unless treated. Fractures can happen due to accidents or a heavy impact. But they can also be caused by minor falls due to poor bone structures. Bones with calcium deficiency are prone to fractures more often,

What To Do for Back Pain Relief: 5 Tips to Overcome Lower Back Pain

There is a good reason to believe that back pain can lead to restriction in movement or performing daily chores because it supports the entire physical structure of the bone. Pain in an area like the lower back causes severe discomfort and dependency on others to achieve daily tasks. However, there are a few changes in lifestyle and tips that can help you with the problem. We have discussed a few here to help you with your back pain.

1. Get More Sleep

The most basic pain relief option to have is to take rest and quality sleep. If your mattress is not firm and does not support your back properly then you may be spending your nights tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable spot. It is important to always have a proper sound sleep to wake up fresh and recover.

2. Apply Pain Relief Cream

a topical pain relief cream is applied on the surface of the area that has pain and inflammation. Its healing properties soothe the area with relief and reduces inflammation and swelling. Many times topical pain relief creams are enough to treat the back pain in lower back.

3. Do More Exercises

Exercises are a great way for lower back muscle pain relief as they not only help your stretch your muscles but also add mobility to your routine. Together it adds value to your physical life and improves your health. However, make sure to wear proper sports gear and shoes for exercise. Perform weight lifting under professional supervision only. There are many easy to do home based exercises that can be done with the minimum required equipment.

4. Maintain Your Postures

You may not care much about the position in which you have been sitting for the past 3 hours but your back is very much taking the impact of it. There is a natural shape of your body and its bones and it has to be preserved while sitting or standing for long hours else it takes a toll on the lower back. If you have a job that requires long sitting, standing or driving; it is advised to pay attention to your posture as well as take breaks in between.

5. Take Your Supplements

The human body requires a balanced diet to perform its functions in an optimized manner and this can only be done when your body receives all the nutrients. The supplements provide vitamins, calcium and folic acid o your body which is necessary for a healthy mind and body. A diet itself may not fulfill the daily requirements and hence the boost of supplements. The supplements may be taken as per a doctor’s prescription and suggestion.

How to Get Relief from Lower Back Pain Using Sacroiliac Belt?

The purpose of a Sacroiliac Support Belt is to support the lower back with the natural shape and support that it requires and needs. The belt provides additional support to the sacroiliac joint that consists of the lower spine and hip bone. The belt helps maintain posture, reduces pain and works as a relief lower back pain.  


The lower back of the human body is an integral part of the physical structure that we have. It is important to take care of its natural shape as well as anatomy. It consists of bones, muscles and tendons and pain in any one of these parts can lead to discomfort to the entire backbone. The backbone is further connected to the neck and above. Hence it is important to take proper sleep and maintain proper posture in your daily life for a healthy back. In case of injury, fractures or sprains take necessary advice from the doctor and medicines accordingly. You can add a sacroiliac belt to your life to amplify the back support your lower back needs.

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