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sacroiliac support belt
serola si joint belt
BackWonder Sacroiliac Support Belt for SI Joints
BackWonder Sacroiliac Support Belt for SI Joints

BackWonder Sacroiliac Support Belt for SI Joints

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Sacroiliac support belt will be your favorite gift to your loved ones. With the latest design that it comes with, it provides relief to those around you who complain about their lower back quite often. Their sacroiliac joint might be the reason behind it and our serola si joint belt will serve the purpose just right. Pair it with inflatable lumbar pillow and feel the difference.

The BackWonder serola si joint support belt was designed by our founder and physical therapist, Richard Shutes, to provide extraordinary support and comfort for those suffering from low back pain related to sacroiliac joint problems. The innovative design supports and compresses the sacroiliac joint- relieving stress associated with its movement.

Features Include:

  • A wide, comfortable neoprene foundation strap plus double-side-pull elastic “cinch straps.”
  • Innovative offset buckle for an easy and ‘snugger’ fit.
  • Heavy-duty elastic “cinch straps” for additional support.

Extraordinary Comfort:
You’ll feel the difference right away – reduces strain and relieves discomfort.

  • The wide, soft neoprene foundation strap includes a moisture absorbent lining.
  • “Non-slip” panels hold the support in place while allowing you to move around without restriction.

Easy Application:

  • Wear over your “underwear” – Cotton or new “wicking” fabrics work best.
  • Position the Back-Wonder si joint belt with the center of the “cinch straps” centered just above your buttocks. The buckle will then be offset to one side.
  • Position it LOW so that the belt is BELOW your hip bones.
  • Once positioned, thread the end of the belt through the metal buckle and pull snug to lock in place with “hook and loop” material.
  • Reach back grab the “cinch strap” on each side by the webbing at its’ end, and pull firmly. Again, securing with “hook and loop” material.
  • Move around a little to make sure it feels secure and comfortable. Sit down to make sure the belt remains comfortable and does not cut into your thighs.
Size Chart

    Available in four sizes. Be sure to measure around your hips, not your waist:

    Small 26" - 34"
    Medium 34" - 42"
    Large 42" - 48"
    X-Large 48" - 54"
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