What is Shoulder Pain: Signs and Symptoms?

Your shoulder is a complex structure of tendons, muscles and bones that form a joint that provides a great deal of mobility to the arms. We use our shoulders for so many tasks in our daily life and if there is restriction or pain in movement then life can be very uncomfortable. From lifting to holding, our shoulders are involved and provide support to the arms. Being the most mobile joint, it allows movements upwards and backwards and goes through a lot of grinds throughout the day.

If much care is not given, it leads to a frozen shoulder or pain in the shoulder that causes discomfort even on slight movement. Even the upper arm shoulder pain can lead to restriction in the hand movement for even the basic tasks.

Why Shoulder Pain Occurs?

The reason behind shoulder pain is the ignorance we impart toward our overall physical health. We often take our physical health for granted and continue with bad posture and improper diets. The pain basically comes with improper posture due to long sitting or standing hours, where we add pressure unnecessarily to the wrong joint just to get the task done.

The shoulders are able to move with the help of rotator cuffs which are four tendons. And tendons connect muscles to the bones. If the tendon tissue gets damaged, then it leads to inflammation and swelling which further causes pain. You may simply be playing volleyball or performing manual labor and even through repetitive motion. The injury can come from an accident or fall. In any case, if the bone, muscle or tendon gets hurt, shoulder pain will occur.

Often the pain remains dim throughout the day, but shoulder pain is worse at night due to our relaxed body state. Very often issues in other parts of the body cause pain in the shoulder such as gall bladder, liver or heart disease.

Shoulder pain may also occur due to arthritis or spinal cord injury. It can be a pinched nerve or a fracture in the shoulder bone. In any case, the treatment is available and can be used for pain relief anytime.

How Can Shoulder Pain be Treated?

Shoulder pain can be treated through medications as well as exercises and exercises take the lead. Unless a severe issue occurs, the shoulder pain can be very well treated through exercise and physical therapy. The purpose of shoulder pain exercise is to provide relief without having to use medication or taking a step toward surgery.

The shoulder pain can be treated by firstly getting in touch with a doctor who can further refer you to consult a physical therapist. The doctor will diagnose the concern and the therapist will use exercise and lifestyle changes in your routine to relieve you of the pain and discomfort. Based on the severity of your shoulder pain, you may be prescribed different medicine and exercises.

What Can You Do to Prevent Shoulder Pain?

Preventing shoulder pain requires that you take due care. Exercising properly means using proper postures and being under expert guidance to perform these exercises such as physical therapy. The first thing you can do is give it a break. Give your shoulder rest and see how the pain is now. If it persists it may be due to some other underlying condition, if it gets better then your posture or work might be the reason behind it.