A Handy Guide: How to Use Lumbar Support Pillow

How to Use Lumbar Support Pillow

Every new day is a struggle, and you sit tight for hours to get the work done. While doing so we often complain about lower back pain at the end of the day. A day that starts fresh but ends in discomfort. An incorrect posture while sleeping or sitting for a long period of time can lead to this problem. However, modern science is working with technology to provide support to those around us who can do great work when relieved of common back pain. The Inflatable Lumbar Pillow allows us to sit in comfort and firmness with our backbone.  

What Is a Lumbar Pillow?

Have you ever felt back pain after sitting in a chair? Do you find yourself when your back isn't giving the support its needs, this is where lumbar support pillow comes in. Lumbar pillow is made of light and highly breathable material that helps to flow the air inside and keeps your spine cool and more comfortable. It comes with a comfortable cushion which is smoother than a standard pillow that supports your back and improves your posture.

A lumbar pillow is designed to support the lumbar spine. A lumbar spine is referred to as the five vertebrae section found in the lower back. This region consists of discs that work as shock absorbers for the 5 bones and reduces stress on the spine. The impact of vibrations and movements on the spinal cord as a whole can be easily minimized if the lumbar spine is firm and in shape.

However, the lumbar spine over time does connect the tailbone to the area just below the ribs. The function of a lumbar pillow is to provide firmness and posture support to it. It is actually a cushion that can easily be carried around and has a customized arch design to maintain along with the shape of the lumbar spine. It takes the burden off the spine and helps it sustain its proper functionality.

How Lumbar Pillow Works?

The pillow comes with adjustable straps which holds the pillow on a chair or car seat. This way it remains firm and helps maintain posture by preventing the user from sulking or sitting in a loose posture. When you lean back on it you can put your pressure on the pillow which in return provides stability to you and your back. To adjust your posture, it supports the lower back which can only be done if the entire spine is relieved off the pressure and hence the placement needs to be between the arch of the shoulders.

When to Use a Lumbar Support Pillow

When we talk about the uses of the lumbar support pillow there is no limit, whenever you are uncomfortable with the back, improve your posture and see how it improves the pain. You will be surprised to know that there are the following types of lumbar support pillows available:

  • Lumbar support pillow for office chair
  • Adjustable lumbar support pillow for car
  • Lumbar support pillow while traveling

This tells us that our lower back requires support not just for office work but it works best to support your back all day. Whether you wish to work or sip on a warm cup of tea; the portable back support pillow does wonders for the back. It’s an investment to make not just for the elderly but also for young people who may feel lower back pain from sitting in a position all day. So use the lumbar support pillow whenever you’re sitting for a long period at a single position or need to drive on a fairly long route.

How to Use a Lumbar Support Pillow?

The purpose of the pillow is to provide you with back support whenever needed and you can use it while sitting or sleeping. In order to use it, use its straps to cling it on an office or car seat and let the pillow sit all the while supporting you. The pillow will be in position and as you will sit erect or lean backward, the shape of the pillow will not make you uncomfortable but rather add to the posture strength.

Where Should Be A Lumbar Pillow Be Placed?

Now, where should a lumbar pillow be placed? The pillow needs to be adjusted so that it lies in the correct position to support the back. The shape of the pillow is that of a convex curvature. The support should be extended to the arch of the shoulders and the small of the back. This will keep the lower back in line and firm.

1. For Office Chair

If you're like most people, you probably spend the majority of your day sitting in an office chair. And if your job involves long hours sitting at a desk, it's even more important to find ways to break up those hours and move around. A lumbar support pillow can be used to strap on the office chair and let you sit comfortably for a long time. It is also good for people who have back problems since it will help them to maintain a good posture.

2. For Car

Lumbar support pillows are a great way to improve your posture and comfort while driving. You can use the same pillow in your car by adjusting it on the driver or passenger seat. The best way to adjust the pillow is to place it on the driver or passenger seat and strap it on, depending on how high or low you need it. If you are using the pillow for the first time, it may take some time to get used to having something supporting your back.

3. For Travelling

Looking for a comfortable way to sleep on the go? Why not consider using a travel-sized lumbar support pillow? These pillows are designed to provide your lower back with extra support while you sleep, making it easier for you to get a good night's rest. Plus, they're small enough to pack away in your luggage and take with you wherever you go.

Along with all this, moving around after a few hours and taking a few steps can freshen you up and help relieve pressure on the body. Take the stairs, try to get yourself paper or talk to a coworker than calling them to your cabin. These small changes add mobility and strength to your body.  

How Many Lumbar Pillows Do You Need?

Did you know that the number of pillows you use at night can affect your sleep quality? Sleeping on too many or too few pillows can disrupt your sleep and leave you feeling tired the next day. A good number of pillows to sleep on is typically two. This allows your head and neck to rest in a neutral position without putting any extra stress on them. If you are a side sleeper, try using one lumbar pillow and one conventional pillow. This will help keep your spine in alignment.

What is Lumbar Pillow Used For?

Lumbar pillows, also known as lower back pillows, are designed to support the lower back, neck, and head. They are often used in conjunction with a regular pillow to provide additional support for the head and neck. Lumbar pillows can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most are made from memory foam or latex foam. Lumbar pillows are beneficial for people who suffer from chronic pain in the lower back or neck, and they can also help to improve posture.


People who have desk jobs or are drivers by profession have long hours of sitting each day and in order to do that the job demands them. In the process, their overall posture and back pain gets affected. They suffer from back pain and have discomfort in movement. With the passage of time, the problem further escalates and results in long-term problems.

It is wise to start using a pillow before the problems begin hindering your everyday routine and to keep your posture maintained. Along with this, you should be stretching and make proper movements that do not impact your back negatively. Along with this, ensure that your desk height and the placement of your keyboard or other items are in line with the natural alignment of your body.

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