How a Sacroiliac Belt Relieves SI Joint Pain Immediately

Understand What Causes SI Joint Pain

Sacroiliac joint pain occurs in the sacroiliac joint and causes pain in each side of the spine that connects the base with the pelvic. The pain occurs due to many reasons, bad posture being the most probable cause. The SI joint pain causes are mostly due to our lack of attention to our physical health but it can also aggravate due to an accident or injury during a workout or play. But there is little to worry about because there are many SI joint pain treatments available that provide SI joint pain relief in a matter of days.

This is the kind of pain stays long if not enough attention is paid to it. It renders restrictions on everyday chores and tasks leading to dependencies. There are minor changes in your daily life that you can do in order to get good physical health and inculcate healthy habits in your lifestyle.

What is the Best Treatment for SI Joint Pain?

If we talk about SI joint pain treatment options that are available for us to use if we wish to treat or prevent the SI joint pain to occur in the first place. There are a few treatments given below for SI joint pain treatment which include SI joint pain stretches too because many times non-surgical options can be used for SI joint pain treatment.

- Apply Ice or Heat Pack

Ice and heat pack can be used alternatively to treat swelling and inflammation. An ice pack is used to reduce swelling whereas heat packs can be used to relax stiff muscles and relax the body otherwise. Both can be used for spot treatment at home however it should be done with precaution. Never directly put ice or a heated object on the spot rather use proper pads to do so.

- Get Rest Properly

There is no alternative to a proper quality 6-hour sleep that can help your body recover from any minor or major injury. Your mattress needs to be stiff and allow proper support to your sacroiliac joint pain. The SI joint pain relief can be made a part of life by simply ensuring a proper sleep timetable. A night of disturbed sleep leads to many other issues such as migraines, headaches and a distracted mind.

- Medication For Back Pain

Back pain is an issue that can be treated with medicines that can be taken over the counter and provide relief that is easy to procure. It is a treatment that comes in handy because not always can we endure or wait for the pain to subside. The medication is easy to employ especially when immediate pain relief is required. DO consult your doctor to avoid drug abuse.

- Support Your Back

Your backbone supports the entire physical structure of your body and extends support as a shock absorber as well. The back also requires that you add additional support to it so it can perform its functions easily. A sacroiliac belt provides the support your back requires with its natural shape.

- Consult a Doctor

Doctor consultation is necessary when the pain aggravates and one should not delay it if the pain persists. There is no need to put it on hold or try self-medication because proper diagnosis is important. The doctor might also refer you to a physical therapist or suggest exercises that can help. The doctor will make changes in your lifestyle as well to help improve your overall physical health.

What Are Good Exercises For SI joint pain-Hamstring Stretches?

There are some basic SI joint pain relief exercises that can be tried at home and can do great for the health of your back.

- Back Bridge Exercises

Back bridge exercise is a simple exercise to help you relieve yourself of SI joint pain relief. To do so, lie straight on the floor and keep your shoulders glued to it. Gently lift and hold your hips in the air for a few seconds. Tighten your glutes squeezed and keep your arms on the side. This exercise is easy to and requires minimum equipment. You might require a workout mat to add grip to your hands and heels.

- Glute Exercises

There are many glute exercises that can be done such as back squats, Glute Bridge, belt squats and etc. All of these targets and strengthen your core muscles to help improve them. The exercises can also be performed using some basic equipment as well such as lumbar shoulder pulley etc. Simple plank helps with core muscles.

How Sacroiliac Belt Helps Relief SI Joint Pain?

Sacroiliac Support Belt
A sacroiliac joint consist of the hip bone and lower back bone joined together into a joint. It provides movement, support to the back and also acts as shock absorber. It has a shape that must be supported by the belt in such as a manner that it reduces swelling and any discomfort that it may be having. It is important to wear it properly so the belt can increase the stability of the joint. The BackWonder Sacroiliac Support Belt is one of the most prominent sacroiliac belts in the treatment of sacroiliac joint pain. The belt forces the fluid into the joint so that the there is no friction between the bones which helps alleviate pain.


The sacroiliac joint in the lower back is a point of pain that becomes crucial for treatment when the pain becomes intolerable. The joint helps us sit, walk and move easily and if it hurts then ti cases severe mobility issues. The joint is a complex one and often requires care in terms of exercise, stretches and medications for relief. Some changes in lifestyle such as posture correction, wearing a support belt and eating healthy can help improve overall physical fitness of the bone structure.

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