Back Support for Cars

If you drive frequently for work or simply enjoy a good road trip, the open road can be a chance to catch up on your favorite podcast or listen to your favorite songs. If you suffer from back pain, however, the thought of sitting in the car for long periods of time can be uncomfortable- especially if you're driving. So what can you do to make your journey more pleasant? Here at, we offer many products for pain relief including our very own, Wonder-Roll. The Wonder-Roll lumbar cushion is the perfect size to offer back support for cars. Keep reading to find out it's many benefits and features.

1. Lower Back Pain Relief.

When we sit for long periods of time in the same position, our muscles can tighten which lead to pain. Using a cushion specifically designed for lumbar support like the Wonder-Roll aligns the spine and reduces intradiscal pressure. This will provide hours of lower back pain relief in the car. Be sure to place the support at the small of the back, at about belt level.

2. Travel Friendly.

The Wonder-Roll is very portable. It is an innovative solution for people on the go who need constant back support for lower back pain. It self-inflates and easily rolls up for storage. It does not take up any space in your luggage or travel bags- making it the ideal back support option for cars. Use the valve to adjust the firmness of the cushion to your desired level of comfort. It is 14 x 3 x 6 inches in size and features an adjustable strap to keep the cushion in place.

3. Recommended by Physical Therapists.

The Wonder-Roll is created by and recommended by Physical Therapists. Invented by our CEO for his own personal lower back discomfort, the Wonder-Roll is used by hospitals, physical therapy and medical clinics across the country. It is now available to the public and offers the perfect amount of lumbar support for lower back pain relief.

If you spend a decent amount of time in the car each day and also suffer from lower back pain, the Wonder-Roll is the perfect back pain relief solution for you. Our dynamic lumbar support cushion fits perfectly against the small of your back, is easy to travel with and is the top recommended by physical therapists.