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Welcome. We are a company created by physical therapists to help you find just what you need to live a healthy, pain-free life! Whether you're the weekend-athlete coping with shin splints, a frequent driver with lower back pain or trying to solve problems associated with access, mobility, and daily living, we’re proud to offer helpful solutions for your specific needs.


I'm a physical therapist and have recommended several of these [Back Wonders] for my clients with SI joint pain. Every one of them has had a good experience. It's easy to put on and works great in between our PT sessions. It also is great during exercise.


The Wonder Roll worked great on my trip to Korea and Singapore. I used it on the plane to help decrease back pain. It worked well and being inflatable, was much less hassle to carry around and then use on the plane. 


I have purchased MANY of these [Wonder Rolls] now for my department. It works! Helps with upper OR lower back strain/pain. Hang it vertically for upper back support or horizontal for lower back. Every staff member who has ordered them absolutely loves this.


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