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Thera-Band Hand Exerciser Blue Firm

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Thera-Band Hand Exerciser Blue Firm

  • Thera-Band Hand Exercisers are a patented product for hands, fingers or forearms.
  • They are supplied in two shapes (standard and elongated) and in five progression levels.
  • Their unique soft feel enables users to complete a variety of movements to strengthen grip, increase dexterity and mobility, and improve fine and gross motor skills through a system of progressive compression while offering the added benefit of hot and cold therapy.

Thera-Band Hand Exercisers are specially formulated polymer-based. The exercisers available in progressive levels of resistance in five translucent colors. They're used for hand, finger and forearm strengthening, as well as hot and cold therapy. Progressive resistance in different levels of compression allow each exercise to be geared to the patient. Use the standard size hand exerciser for smaller hands. The Extra Large size was designed for arthritis victims and people with larger hands who are undergiong physical therapy or strength training. Heat in a microwave for 5 second increments and test to find the ideal time for each microwave unit (all microwaves are different), usually no more than 15 seconds maximum. Cool the Hand Exerciser in a refrigerator for 1.5 to 2 hours. The softer yellow and red models fill the gap between putty and spring devices and they're not as messy as putty.

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