Dr. Paine’s Topical Nerve Pain Relief Cream

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More than often in our daily life we often hit the wrong nerves due to incorrect posture or by lifting something bulky the incorrect way, the topical nerve pain relief cream was made to make the pain go away like magic!

Gift this to a friend or family and see how quickly it puts their pains to ease without any mess. You can also try out sacroiliac support belt to alleviate your back pain.

Dr. Paine’s nerve pain relief cream was formulated by a medical doctor who has treated patients with chronic intractable pain for over 30 years and continues to treat patients suffering from assorted pain-related ailments. He is confident that his carefully-formulated topical pain relieving cream is the best commercially available, with active ingredients that are natural. Dr. Paine’s topical pain-relieving cream is specifically formulated for the treatment of pain secondary to fibromuscular disorders, including soft tissue injury, muscular “strain” or muscular spasm, and specific or generalized fibromyalgia.


  • Fast Healing

Dr. Paine's topical pain relief cream promotes quick healing and reduces swelling. It is made up of natural ingredients with antimicrobial properties to effectively reduce swelling. Its ultra-concentrated formula quickly gets absorbed and begins working immediately.

  • Convenient + Easy to Apply

Dr. Paine's nerve pain relief cream is a time-tested remedy that is easy to apply wherever and whenever you feel nerve pain, and it is quickly absorbed into the skin. The non-greasy formula quickly spreads, and a little goes a long way.

  • Relieves Muscle and Nerve Pain

Ease the discomfort associated with nerve pain by utilizing topical cream! This nerve pain cream quickly relieves pain from burning, tingling, and aching sensations. Additionally, it assists with inflammation and stimulates healing.