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Cho-Pat Knee Strap, Large 14.5"-16.5" - SelfCareCentral - Cho-Pat

Cho-Pat Knee Strap

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Cho-Pat Knee Strap

  • Widely used and acclaimed by many Ortho-Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists for their patients
  • Features:
    • easy to use
    • allows normal knee action
    • cool & comfortable
    • washable
    • lightweight
    • stable
  • Effectively improves patella tracking and elevating, reduces patella subluxation/dislocation, many syndromes, improves functional level
  • Sizes based on circumference below the knee cap (XS to XXL)

For two decades, orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists, podiatrists, family-practice physicians, physical therapists and their patients, professional athletes, and active individuals have praised this Knee Strap. Why? Shortly after initial usage, it provides many individuals with a marked reduction in the pain and discomfort caused by various knee disorders -- chondromalacia patella, Osgood Schlatters Disease, runners and jumpers knee, some forms of arthritis, and knee degeneration -- while, at the same time, allows them to return to their normal activities with increased mobility. Cho-Pat's Original Knee Strap stabilizes and tightens up on the kneecap mechanism by applying pressure upon the patellar tendon below the kneecap. This compression reduces or eliminates inflammation and helps prevent knees from giving out.

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