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Cho-Pat Achilles Tendon Strap

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Cho-Pat Achilles Tendon Strap

  • Unique Achilles Tendon Strap is used in treating patients with Achilles Tendinitis.
  • The strap may be used to provide effective relief from pain and discomfort in conjunction with other forms of therapy.
  • The purpose of the strap is to decrease the tensile forces placed upon the Achilles Tendon via dissemination of forces resultant of a muscular contraction.
  • Sizes:
    • Small - below 10.5"
    • Medium - 10.5" - 11.5"
    • Large - 11.5" - 12.5"
  • Measure at widest point of ankle.

Slip on relief with Cho-pat Achilles Tendon Strap Experience immediate relief from Achilles tendonitis and return to your normal activity level. Even if you don't stretch enough before you exercise, or inflexibility is starting to creep up on you-don't let that slow you down. The Cho-pat Achilles Tendon Strap was developed in cooperation with the famed Mayo Clinic

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