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active ortho black sacroiliac belt
active ortho sacroiliac belt
active ortho sacroiliac belt

Active Belt for Sacroiliac Pain by Active Ortho

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For clients in all stages of sacroiliac pain. Stays in place with activities like bending, squatting, lifting and sports. This double-belt design includes a comfortable neoprene under-belt that flexes with movement and prevents slipping and an over-belt made of sturdy Nylon for pelvic support and SI approximation. Reduces strain on SI ligaments, decreases pain and promotes faster healing. Latex free.
  • Developed by a Physical Therapist/Orthopedic Certified Specialist this design is both secure and comfortable
  • The pelvis is stabilized by an innovative "double-belt" which incorporates sturdy nylon for stabilization with an inner belt of flexible, non-slip neoprene
  • Stays in place at work, home or playing sports.
  • Fully adjustable for all patients
  • Measure around the hips
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