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Chango S2000 Advanced Model Wobble Board - SelfCareCentral - Chattanooga

Chango S2000 Advanced Model Wobble Board

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Chango S2000 Advanced Model Wobble Board

  • Two boards in one - Rocker Board and Wobble Board.
  • Improve your balance for all sports.
  • Activates muscles to work in cooperation with one another for good bone movement.
  • Interaction with the nervous and musculoskeletal systems improves balance, coordination and quickens reflex time.
  • Can use for both calf stretches and push-ups.
  • 15" x 7 1/2"
  • Comes with both 2" & 3" yellow balls.

All the benefits of the Combo Board (W56001) but with increased tilt angles for more challenging balance exercise therapy. Balance on the large yellow center ball, or remove it and balance on the wooden balls attached to the bottom of the board for effective exercise therapy. Excellent for sports training and therapy, 15”L X 7.5”W. Begin your balance exercise therapy today with the Advanced Wobble balance boards! 

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