How to Relieve SI Joint Pain During Pregnancy

  A women’s body goes through many changes when she is about to give birth.  And unfortunately, back pain during pregnancy is a very common complaint. Sacroiliac joint (SI joint) dysfunction is one of the most common reasons for back pain during pregnancy. The SI joints connect the base of your spine to your pelvis. And, When you are pregnant, hormones called relaxins are produced in your body. This causes the ligaments and muscles that support your SI joints to soften/relax, causing dysfunction of the SI joints, which leads to lower back pain. The pain due to SI joint dysfunction occurs when the ligaments and muscles around your SI joint aren’t providing the support needed and allow too much movement of the joints. So in addition to the excess weight a woman bears during pregnancy, it is really no surprise back pain is so prevalent. That said, there are ways to combat this pain and find relief. Find out how in this article. 


The most common symptom of SI joint dysfunction is lower back pain, although other symptoms may include stiffness around the joint, pain in the hip and groin, and numbness or tingling in your legs. Pain may also worsen when there is added pressure on the SI joint from moving around. 

Pelvic Tilts

One great exercise that is safe to do while pregnant is pelvic tilts. Pelvic tilts are an excellent exercise to help decompress the SI joints, especially if performed multiple times daily. They will also help strengthen your lower back muscles to help relieve pain. To do this exercise, lay down on the floor flat on your back with your head looking at the ceiling. Then, bend your knees and put your feet flat on the floor. Finally, tilt your pelvis upwards and hold for five seconds before returning to the initial position. 

Using a SI Joint Support Belt

As we have talked about before, oftentimes, back pain during pregnancy is the result of SI joint dysfunction. This is where the ligaments and muscles around your SI joint are allowing too much movement of the joints. This is when an SI joint support belt will come in handy. A sacroiliac support belt provides compression and support around the joints to prevent that excess movement. The belt is strapped around your pelvis with ease and can start relieving pain immediately. The belt will also work to promote good posture and reduce inflammation of the SI joints. Click on the image below to get your sacroiliac belt. 


Another great way to relieve SI joint pain during pregnancy is to hold a squat position for at least thirty seconds each day. Typically, when a person is standing, their pelvis is always in a neutral position.  However, when a woman is pregnant, her spine is extended to support their fetus, which causes their pelvis to move forward. Therefore, holding a squat for thirty seconds daily will help reset the pelvic bones to be in the correct position.